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New Artist!

2012-07-03 04:37:10 by ckeveryday

Hello! I've recently decided that I wanted to become more than just a visitor to newgrounds, and want to be more active within the art community. I have only a single submission in at the moment, but I am working on another piece of art as I type.. lol. But anyways, I plan on uploading some of my older drawings as well (If I can find some of em, lost a sketch pad half full somewhere..) from up to a couple of years ago. I'm not exactly the greatest artist, but I would hope to at least share what I have learned with.. well anyone. I'm not as good as some (or most) people in the Art Portal on here, but I would appreciate people to just give my art a chance. Thank you for your time, and I hope this wasn't to much of a hassle to read lol, take care and Ja bless.

New Artist!


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